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More than 1.5 billion people in the world are facing situations of violence, conflict and fragility - many of them in neglected crises, where a lack of political will, media attention and public sentiment has resulted in chronic and persistent under-funding for many years.  The gap between needs and the funding and solutions available for people effected by these crises is widening and must be stemmed.

Leveraging our global community of highly skilled and connected women, we are uniquely positioned to make a real difference in the lives of people in need and the organizations that support them.


Our mission: to dramatically improve the well-being and quality of life for people living in the world's most neglected crises.

Our vision: a vibrant community of women change leaders dedicated to leveraging their skills, time, networks, innovative thinking and funding to extend the reach and impact of our humanitarian partners and help bring about lasting, systemic change.

We value: humanity, independence, service, collaboration, neutrality, integrity and respect.



We leverage our global network to help tackle some of the biggest challenges faced by people in the world's most neglected crises and the organizations that support them.  

Focusing on the people who are falling through the cracks and getting left behind, we seek to have impact in the key areas of:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Food & water security
  • Financial inclusion

As a women’s group,  we view each challenge through a women’s lens, ensuring women and girls, often the most disadvantaged, are given equal access to funding and solutions. 




Using our skills, experience and connections we:

  • Undertake collaborative strategy, design and development of scaled humanitarian funding solutions.
  • Help bridge the gap between humanitarian organizations and the private sector by:
    • raising awareness within the private sector; 
    • drawing in funds, skills, connections and new ways of thinking from the private sector;
    • creating pathways for private sector engagement and investment.

To maximise our impact, we partner with organizations who have direct access to the people we are trying to help, including our cornerstone partner, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)UNHCR and the World Bank, among others.

Our neutral, independent and ‘lean’ structure coupled with our expertise and pragmatic approach, allows us to cut through the bureaucratic limitations characteristic of large institutions and systems.



Our work is founded on 3 strategic priorities:

1. Scaled humanitarian

Strategy, design and development of scaled humanitarian funding solutions and collaboration models

(i.e.: big bold changes that really shift the needle).

Examples of this work include development of a concept for a collaborative design space for innovative finance solutions, and initial concept design for a women-led fund for women and girls in forgotten contexts. Both of these initiatives are being driven by Global Women Leaders.

2. Advisory to
key partners

Strategic advisory to specific initiatives led by our key partners, including working with:

> The ICRC to: design, develop and complete the world's first Humanitarian Impact Bond (HIB); co-design and deliver a women's leadership program, and; advise on product design and stakeholder engagement for an innovative finance product.

> Key global forums, including the Women's Forum Global Meeting to find, design, curate strategic opportunities for ICRC staff to increase their exposure and highlight the work of the ICRC.

> The World Bank and others to engage the private sector in the design, funding and implementation of a finance facility for early intervention in famine.

> UNHCR, World Food Programme and Save the Children, among others, providing workshops and advisory on innovative finance and new funding models.

3. Awareness and

Raising awareness, thought leadership and education for our community, partners, donors, investors.

This work will follow initial strategy and planning via the Marketing and Communications and Strategic Events focus groups and other key strategic initiatives, and is expected to include:

> Strategic events
> Publications, including articles, white papers, etc.
> Social/campaigns
> Corporate and intern programs
> Continuous learning within our network and beyond.



Underpinning this work is a significant focus on:

Deep engagement with our key partners (including ICRC staff at HQ and in the field), potential donors, sponsors and investors. This is key to:

  • furthering our understanding of humanitarian needs and how the system and key players operate; 

  • creating and nurturing opportunities to collaborate, and;

  • supporting our humanitarian partners in their work.

We believe our willingness and capacity to engage in this way adds tremendous value to our contributions and fosters mutual respect and trust.


Startup and operations: in support of our work, ensuring we can develop and maintain a sustainable and effective operation.  Functions include:

  • Strategy and business development

  • Community engagement

  • Marketing and communications

  • Digital

  • Funding

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