There are many ways we can all help raise awareness - from conversations with friends and colleagues, to speaking engagements, social media, articles and education initiatives.

Organised awareness and education initiatives will follow initial strategy and planning via the Marketing and Communications and Strategic Events focus groups and other key strategic initiatives, and is expected to include:

  • Strategic events
  • Publications, incl. articles, white papers, etc.
  • Social/campaigns
  • Corporate and intern programs
  • Continuous learning within our network and beyond.

In the meantime, there's still plenty you can do to help us raise awareness:

1. Inform yourself

(inform yourself so you can inform others)

Find out more about our work, read through some of the resources in our resource library and review the curated content introducing the work of our cornerstone partner - the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC).   

2. Get Social

We encourage you to promote the activities of Global Women Leaders on different social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) by using the hashtag #globalwomenleaders and tagging @GlobalWomenLdrs in your posts.  By doing so, we will be able to curate a thread of activity related to our efforts.

We currently have 2 official social media channels:

Twitter: Global Women Leaders: @GlobalWomenLdrs

  • Official account; content posted from this account should highlight how GWL members are making a difference by leveraging their skills and networks on behalf of humanitarian partners. Focus on highlighting innovation and strategic ideas.

  • Include RTs ≠ endorsements in your profile


  • Global Women Leaders - business page
    • Primary function is outreach and network building; extension of brand.
    • Update your profile to include your involvement with Global Women Leaders; by doing so, you will be added as an ‘employee’ which will enhance the visibility of the network we are building (see Updating Your LinkedIn Profile).
  • “Global Women Leaders – Strategic Philanthropy” Discussion Group
    • Public discussion forum. Space for sharing content with group and the wider public about the work of our humanitarian partners. Sharing information about relevant upcoming events.
    • Join the group and let's get the conversation started!

Due to the sensitivity of our work and that of our partners, please review our Social Media Guidelines before posting/commenting in the public sphere.

3. Make suggestions

If you would like to suggest content for any of the Global Women Leaders official channels, please contact the social media team for assistance:

  • Pamela O’Leary (social media manager): @Pam O’Leary on WhatsApp
  • Tom Furst (communications intern – summer 2018): contact info coming soon.

NB: If you have marketing or communications experience - please consider joining and/or giving input to the Marketing and Communications Focus Group

4. Stay connected

We have an active community WhatsApp group, for basic communications and sharing information - this is a great, low-touch way to stay connected. 

We also use Slack for collaboration and more specific/detailed interactions. If you are looking to get more involved, join our community on Slack - see collaboration tools for more information.