Whatever your capacity , expertise and interests, there are many ways you can get involved via our 'opt-in' model including:

  1. Join a focus group or provide input/connections to further this work.

    From February 2019, we are looking for input from people with the following skills/interest to participate in a series of workshops and continue with development and delivery of initiatives thereafter:

    Fundraising (for GWL); marketing; communications; community engagement; events; digital tools/platforms. Contact Michelle for more details: michelleplayoust@globalwomenleaders.org.

  2. Nominate yourself or someone you know for a specific task/role. We are currently in need of 2 more interns and an admin assistant, if you know anyone who may be interested, please contact Michelle: michelleplayoust@globalwomenleaders.org. Additional tasks/roles will form after the workshops (see ‘1’ above).

  3. Provide connections for fundraising initiatives/other key priorities.

  4. Help 'spread the word' and raise awareness for our work, our partners and the people we are seeking to help.

  5. Curate content for our site.

  6. Produce content for GWL, including articles, blog-posts, linkedIn posts, etc.

  7. Provide feedback and ideas to further our work.

  8. Learn more about our work and that of our partners (by informing yourself you can help inform others).

Please explore this site for opportunities and get in touch to let us know how you can contribute.