Financing the end of extreme poverty

The first change needed is to rebalance the global debate around aid... The second change is to correct the relative imbalance on funding for the social protection transfers critical for ensuring no one is left behind, especially no child and no one living with disabilities.

The Report on Financing the end of extreme poverty is written by the Overseas Development Institute and outlines the progress made so far and what still needs to be done to reach the Sustainable Development Goal by 2030. The challenges to eradicating poverty are most prevalent in low-income countries, which are the least developed and are often fragile conflict affected countries. The report identifies which countries cannot afford to end extreme poverty on their own & assesses the impact of OECD and the Development Assistance Committee donors have on efforts to end extreme poverty. The report draws on new poverty projections, new tax projections and the cost of education, health and social protection transfers in the social sector.

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