Leaving No One Behind: World Disasters Report 2018

More action is needed by the international humanitarian sector to respond to the needs of the world’s most vulnerable people!
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Less than 50% of people in need of humanitarian help are reached each year. We are leaving millions of people behind. Most of the time they are the hardest to reach and most vulnerable and in need of assistance. World Disasters Report offers solutions such as local action to be carried out by local humanitarians who work and live in the communities they serve.

The 2018 World Disasters Report asks challenging questions of affected states, admittedly overburdened donors, and local and international humanitarian organizations. It includes a strong call for more, for better and for more equitable, funding and action to meet the rising needs. It also calls for a more conscious and transparent approach to ensuring the people in greatest need are placed first in line for assistance.

Report by The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

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