Global Education Monitoring Report 2019: Migration, Displacement and Education

Building Bridges, Not Walls.

Investing in the education of those on the move is the difference between
laying a path to frustration and unrest, and laying a path to cohesion and peace.

This report looks at migration and displacement through the eyes of teachers and education administrators faced with the reality of diverse classrooms, schoolyards, communities, labour markets and societies. Providing education is a practical solution and response to migration and displacement.

“education can be a bridge. It can bring out the best in people, and lead to stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination being discarded for critical thinking, solidarity and openness. It can offer a helping hand to those who have suffered and a springboard to those who desperately need opportunity…. Education systems around the world need to respond to societies’ need to be resilient and adapt to migration and displacement – a challenge affecting countries with large and small migrant and refugee populations alike.”

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