World Food Program (WFP) Strategic Plan, 2017-2021

WFP is the largest humanitarian organization addressing the challenges of global hunger and nutrition. While WFP’s mandate clearly articulates humanitarian and development responsibilities, the organization’s comparative advantage and long experience call for prioritization of emergency, life-saving and development-enabling work that benefits the poorest and most marginal people. The SDGs require moving beyond saving lives to changing
lives, focusing first on the people in greatest need, not just in least-developed countries but universally throughout the world.

This Strategic Plan provides a new planning and operational framework to reinforce, through effective partnerships, WFP’s emergency, life-saving and logistics contributions as well as those it can make to ending hunger and chronic malnutrition. The plan does not expand WFP’s mandate.1 It leverages WFP’s primary strengths and capacities in humanitarian response and recovery and identifies opportunities to apply these strengths and capacities in the continuum from emergency relief to development to achieve the SDGs. WFP works to strengthen the resilience of affected people in protracted crises by applying a development lens in its humanitarian response.

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