As a global, virtual group - we rely heavily on the use of digital tools to collaborate and stay connected.  The following tools are available for use by our global community. 

If you require access to any of these apps, please email us

** User guides, tips and tricks coming soon. **

comm platform.png

Community Platform

This platform is a private space for our community members, and features online resources, information on upcoming events, a member directory (coming soon), opportunities to get involved, give feedback and more.


Google Drive

We use google drive to store all of our documents online. These documents include reference materials for our resource library through to documents that we create ourselves.  Google drive is integrated with Slack for easy collaboration and sharing.



Slack is a collaboration tool with an internal focus for working groups to collaborate, share documents/ information and coordinate activities. If you are part of a working group, you will need access to Slack.

Download Slack to your mobile device or desktop computer.



Whastapp is a messaging app that we use for our broader community to stay connected, share information, act as a virtual 'water cooler'.

Download WhatsApp.



Zoom is a reliable and easy-to-use video conferencing app.  We use zoom for our group calls and calls with anyone external to our community. Community members using slack can also call each other directly from within slack.

Download Zoom.